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Bear with Painting 4 2013

11 September – 4 October 2014


Peter Rasmussen’s third solo exhibition with the Eagle Gallery extends and deepens his engagement with the language of image making.

Rasmussen works cyclically, returning to groups of pictorial motifs that are both abstract and figurative. Why one image and not another? Ostensibly unconnected, these disparate themes, with their suggestions of the absurd, nonsensical and arbitrary, are related through an approach to the process of making them. Rasmussen’s source material is found in newspaper advertisements, photographs and films. Often using a combination of painting and printing to explore an idea in depth, he creates a dialogue of surfaces in which printing plate and printed surface switch roles in alternation. Whether working on panel, canvas or paper his use of paint and mark is to a degree pre-planned, and meditative - in the sense of creating a structure that can be read through the chronology of process, enacted through time. The work emerges as an exploration of relationships: human, animal, abstract, figurative, and collectively the images produce multiple, jostling versions and meanings.

The installation at the Eagle Gallery includes a large sculptural painted door that offers the viewer different view points to the images on the wall beyond. The wooden structure refers to a 1927 photograph taken in Marcel Duchamp’s Paris apartment of two adjacent door frames conjoined and adapted to the artist’s specifications to accommodate a single door.

Peter Rasmussen was born in London and studied at Chelsea School of Art.

He has had thirteen solo exhibitions in Germany and the UK since 1991 and has shown in numerous group exhibitions throughout Europe.

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