Graeme Todd was born in Glasgow in 1962 and now lives and works in Dunbar, Scotland. He has shown internationally since 2000 and his works are held in collections including Arts Council England; Fleming-Wyfold Foundation, London; Kunsthaus Zurich; and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh.

For over twenty years Graeme Todd has systematically explored the spatial construction of paintings and their material properties. His subject matter is drawn from various sources – including tourist photography, art history, and the landscapes surrounding where he lives and works – but landscape for Todd is a place of the imagination, not somewhere that you can actually go. His paintings combine motifs that refer to actual geographies and histories with a more personal and surreal calligraphy. Todd’s animated mark-making merges with the chance effects of the materials that he uses – including acrylic paints, ink pens and varnishes – to create sensual, hallucinatory surfaces that explore painting’s illusionistic potential.

Graeme Todd is represented by Andrew Mummery.

Eagle Gallery Associated Artist