Mandy Bonnell and Julia Farrer
Seeds and Syntax

6 February – 6 March 2015

Seeds and Syntax is an exhibition of artists’ books, with related drawings and prints, by two of the UK’s most respected artists in the field of book making. The exhibition is an opportunity to see editioned and unique books by Mandy Bonnell that were featured in the Yale Center for British Arts’ major exhibition Of Green Leaf Bird and Flower in 2014, and launches Julia Farrer’s new publication Syntax of Bridges – a collaboration with the poet Robert Vas Dias.

Bonnell and Farrer work in different aesthetics but share affinities in a practice that integrates drawing and print within three dimensional forms that explore traditions of book making. Their work is held in many international collections including the British Library; the Guttenberg Museum, Mainz; the Victoria and Albert Museum; and the Yale Center for British Art, CT, USA. The exhibition features drawing, etching, wood engraving and letterpress.

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JULIA FARRER Syntax of Bridges, 2014, artist's book, 8 fold Leporello with 3 hand coloured etchings, 26.5 x 59cm

JULIA FARRER Syntax of Bridges, 2014

MANDY BONNELL Bethany Seeds, 2014, Artist's book

MANDY BONNELL Bethany Seeds, 2014